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What Knowland University Is All About

Spend a little time at Knowland University and master a core understanding of the global events industry.

Knowland University is designed to be a revolutionary tool for our customers to learn how to best utilize Knowland products, hone their negotiation skills, expand their knowledge of cutting-edge sales techniques, and learn about industry trends. This combination of product training and core topic webinars dedicated to the art and science of meeting and event sales gives our customers the upper hand. Knowland University is located directly in your Knowland product, making it easily accessible when you want it.

The Product Curriculum

Includes introductory classes on Readers, Insight, and Target Net. These courses may be taken by as many members of your team as many times as you wish. Many clients take an intro class when they first start using Knowland products and then again later to refresh themselves on specific features. Each class is taught by one of our experienced trainers, well versed in every product. Clients may also choose to take more advanced product courses in order to delve into more detail on specific tools and learn more advanced techniques. These include classes on how to utilize Insight's dynamic mapping tool, search for the best leads, get the most from your Readers reports, and more.


The Core Industry Topics

Includes classes with a primary focus on understanding topics such as preferred vendor agreements, above property sales teams, the mega third party planning companies like Conference Direct, RFP tools such as Cvent or Starcite, and other things that have revolutionized the way meetings are planned, booked and executed.

Recent Topic Additions:

  • Strategic Meetings Management Programs
  • Third Party Meeting Planners

Sign Up for Classes by Topic

Enrolling in any class at Knowland University is easy. Simply find the topic you are interested in learning more about and click the title of the class you wish to attend to see when it is offered. Introductory product training classes are offered several times per month to ensure everyone can learn what they need to know quickly and begin fully utilizing the product within a few days of purchase. If these times do not work with your schedule, let us know and we will work with you and your staff to get everyone the training they need at a convenient time. Classes range from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the topic and include time for questions and additional comments from all participants.

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At Knowland, we want customer feedback to drive our innovation. We recognize that as frequent users of Knowland products, our clients will come across many new ways for us to improve. If you think of an idea, suggestion, or concern, big or small, to better our offerings, we want to know about it right away! Help us as we strive to constantly improve Knowland products and services.